Fisher auto parts to build 2,000 new jobs in Hawaii

Fisher Auto Parts will open its first full-time job in the state of Hawaii, the company announced Tuesday.

The news comes just a week after Fisher announced it was laying off 1,000 workers in the U.S. and closing its two factories in California.

Fisher will hire nearly 100 people in Hawaii over the next two years.

“We are so grateful to the Governor and Governor-elect, the entire community and the entire state of Hawai’i for the continued support that you have given us in our quest to grow our company and grow our business,” Fisher CEO Tim Fisher said in a statement.

“We look forward to working with them to make our Hawaii production facilities a better place to build and serve customers.”

Fisher’s expansion comes amid a sea of job losses across the U, particularly in manufacturing.

The industry lost 7,500 jobs in May, the latest data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and a separate report by the National Association of Manufacturers said that more than 10 million U.s. workers lost their jobs last year.

A spokesperson for Fisher declined to comment on whether the company is looking to move its factories to other states.

Fisher’s announcement comes a week before President-elect Donald Trump is expected to announce his pick for U.N. ambassador.

Fishers will employ about 2,300 people in the Hawaii plant, the most since it opened in 2010.

The company has plans to open more than 5,000 full- and part-time jobs in the coming months.

How to Get Your Pufferfish From Freshwater to Seafood by using the “salt-and-pepper” method

A Puffer Fish can be a very expensive product, and the price is usually a hefty one.

If you don’t have any money to spare and you’re looking for a way to save money, you might be tempted to go to the store and buy one.

This is a great way to get a cheap, fresh, and delicious pufferfish that can be served up at a fancy restaurant for a very reasonable price.

But how to get your puffer fish from freshwater to the sea?

That’s easy, as the puffer is the primary ingredient in many puffer dishes.

This puffer requires no additional equipment to make, and is a simple way to obtain a delicious poutine from fresh water.

Freshwater Puffer fish: Pros and Cons Pros Puffer is one of the most nutritious and flavorful fish on the planet.

It is very easy to get and has a low price tag.

Cons: A little bit of salt and pepper is required to get the flavor and color of a puffer.

It’s also possible to get cheaper puffer than this.