Why a couple found their honeymoon boat stuck in a pond

Posted March 01, 2019 03:21:16 A couple in northern Australia found their boat stuck at sea after taking a holiday.

The woman, who asked not to be named, told the ABC that her husband, who works as a construction labourer, had been camping in a bush at the time the boat was hit by waves.

“I think it was a bit too shallow to get the boat out of the water, so we had to get it out and he had to work for about an hour to get us to shore,” she said.

“He then said that he thought he’d found a spot where he could get some more fish.”

Mr Krakauer said he was working on a project when the couple had camped in the bush, where he had a look at a small fishing boat that was being towed by a kayak.

“We were on the beach, and there were a couple of fishing boats in the water and they were all getting towed by the kayak, and I was trying to get them out and the kayaks were dragging them,” he said.

Mr Kravauer said that his husband took the kayaking vessel to the nearest town, but it was only after he called a nearby fishing boat operator that the boat got out.

“They said they could get us out of there, but we’d had enough and I got in and pulled them out of their nets,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

Mr Thieme said he did not expect the boat to sink, but he said it was hard to imagine it would stay at sea for days.

“It’s just a bit of a miracle that they managed to get a boat out, because the whole thing’s a bit crazy,” he added.

“The boat’s pretty big, and the waves are pretty bad.”

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Fish house offers new fish for sale

Fish house has been offering fish for $5,000 for the past few weeks.

Now it is offering a new variety of fish for that price, offering up fresh caught trout, bass and snapper.

The new price is $2,000 per pound, but that is just for the one fish.

The fish is called the Newfish, and it’s available for a limited time.

It comes with a 10% discount for customers.

Fish house has had a strong customer base for years, and the company has been slowly adding new varieties of fish to its menu.

The store is selling the trout, Bass, and Snapper at $2 each, and is also offering the fresh caught bass and grouper for $2.99.

They also offer the rainbow trout for $3.99 per pound.

The bass is also available for $1.99 for 10% off.

The trout and bass are not the only new fish that Fish House is offering for the price.

The company has also added a variety of shrimp for $4.99 each.