How to order a fish tacos in Los Angeles

LA, CA – It’s a busy street, but for some locals, it’s not just traffic that’s a nuisance.

A new app has created a new breed of street food – fish tacos.

The app, Fish Taco in L.A., offers a unique food menu that allows users to order from a selection of locally caught fish and shellfish, along with a variety of other seafood dishes.

The restaurant’s owner, Daniel Zeller, told local media that the idea came to him after he noticed people ordering fish tacos at the L.L.A. Fish Market, a popular spot for local seafood lovers.

Zeller said he and his wife decided to create a new menu and a unique menu of seafood dishes, to cater to the needs of LA locals.

Fish Taco is currently available at some local fish markets and restaurants, including the LA Fish Market and the LA Seafood Market.

The Fish Taco menu includes everything from smoked salmon to smoked trout and even some seafood from Alaska.

The menu is also customizable and you can choose the fish you want to order, Zeller explained.

The idea of adding fish tacos to a menu came to Zeller from his experiences in Japan, where he’s also the chef and owner of the fish market.

Zoller said that he started thinking about how he could serve the fish tacos with a special sauce.

Zellers wife, Carissa, has a similar taste for seafood, and they had a taste for the fish at the LAFish Market, Zeller said.

The new menu includes a number of options for the food.

Fish tacos can be served with a side of fried chicken, and grilled pork, or a side salad and a plate of seafood.

The restaurant also offers some of the more popular items like smoked shrimp and grilled trout, as well as a side plate of grilled salmon, Zoller told local news station ABC News.

Zeller said that the restaurant plans to expand to other locations in the Los Angeles area.