Jack Dempsey and the New York Knicks: ‘We’re going to be the best team ever’

The New York Jets have made a trade for the No. 4 pick in the NBA draft, and the Los Angeles Lakers have traded for the second-rounder.

New York and Los Angeles are also expected to land the third-rounder and the rights to draft No. 1 overall pick Lonzo Ball.

The Knicks are expected to take the first pick in Thursday’s draft, but the Lakers are still hoping to get the pick that falls to them with a third-round pick.

The Knicks would have to trade their first pick for the Lakers’ first and second and trade their second and third picks for their third- and fourth-round picks.

The Lakers will also likely lose their first two first-rounders, which could make them more likely to trade for a second-rounder than a third.

The deal between New York and the Lakers is expected to send both teams the No