How to Make Banana Fish Characters in 2 Minutes

By By Chris Mittenberg / Entertainment Weekly A new meme is gaining steam in the music industry and now it’s the subject of a new viral video that’s garnering thousands of views.

The new video by singer-songwriter K.M. “Kumz” Minx is a tongue-in-cheek take on the classic ’90s pop song, “KUMZ,” with a twist: It’s a spoof of the song’s lyrics, featuring the characters of Banana Fish characters.

In the clip, Minx takes on the role of a bananafish, as he’s a fan of the video game Bananagrams.

The song itself is from the 1990s Nintendo Entertainment System video game series, released in 1994.

“Bananagram, we’ve never been good friends,” Minx sings in the clip.

“We’re friends now.

But I’ll always remember that one day.”

As a joke, Minix and a friend use the phrase “Bananapig” on a date, only to have the bananafish character exclaim, “I’m the only one you’re gonna get.”

After that, the banana fish starts calling out, “Banana!” to which Minx replies, “Oh, I’m not saying you’re the only person, I mean, the only bananafish I know.”

In the end, Minus’ character says, “And I’m the banana.”

Minx and his friend, who is also named K. M. Minx, were inspired to write the song after a friend of his, who was also a singer, made a parody of the original song in his music video.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on May 11, has racked up more than 11 million views and nearly 3 million views in the last 24 hours.

The clip’s title refers to the character of K. Minix, a singer and songwriter who is a fan and follower of the Nintendo Entertainment system video game franchise.

The characters, which include a banana fish, a penguin, a dolphin and a sea turtle, were created by Minx and a team of video game developers at Rare.

The character of the penguin has an animal theme and the dolphin has a fish theme.

The creators of the character K. Max also has an anthropomorphic fish.

“It’s a song about friendship,” Minix told Entertainment Weekly.

“A lot of people make fun of us for saying that, but the song itself makes fun of ourselves.

I was always the only friend you had in my life.

It’s just so funny.”

In addition to the song, Minxs’ character also has a cat, a catfish and a dog.

Minys wife is also in the video.

“She’s like a cat fish in disguise,” Minxs wife told Entertainment Week.

“The bananafish characters are just a cute nod to the series,” Minus told The Associated Press.

“But they’re just like the real bananafish.”