Blue fish caught in Sweden are caught in a net

The fishing industry in Sweden has seen an increase in blue fish since the end of the Great Recession in 2009, with more than 5,000 tonnes of the fish being caught in 2011 alone.

Blue fish can be a very tasty fish to eat.

A typical fish caught by a net is approximately 8kg (14lb) and is often referred to as “white fish”.

The most common blue fish caught are redfish, which can reach up to 18kg (31lb) in weight and are usually found in the deep blue.

The main reason blue fish are being caught is because of the blue-green colour of their fins.

When caught in nets, blue fish can also be called “brownish”, “greenish” or “black”.

Sweden has a long history of fishing for bluefish, and the blue fish industry has been thriving for years.

The industry has grown by about 25 per cent annually, with fishermen making a lot of money.

The industry is booming with bluefish being the second most profitable fish caught after salmon after salmon.

The blue-fishing industry is still very much a small part of the Swedish economy, however.

The biggest companies in the industry are the Swedish Bluefish Association (Kfäst) and the Swedish Fish Federation.