Which fish is the most poisonous?

There are more than a dozen species of fish that are highly poisonous to humans, including carp, swordfish, and carp-like fish called gills.

The most deadly of them are the gill slugs, which are also known as barbette slugs.

They sting the skin and intestines of the fish, paralyzing the animal.

The fish then lays eggs that hatch into larvae that can grow into a fish that can survive for several months or years.

In addition to killing the fish itself, these fish can also kill the larvae inside the fish.

But when they hatch, the fish can’t eat the fish and must instead live inside the stomachs of other fish.

In some cases, the larvae can actually be lethal.

If the larvae hatch into a gill slug, it can suffocate the fish by eating its gills and other organs, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The slugs also are considered a serious threat to people, according the Centers of Disease Control.

It’s important to note that not all fish are dangerous to humans.

A number of species can be poisonous to other animals, including the gills of carp, or even to humans in large numbers.

Some fish, such as bluefin tuna, can also be toxic to humans if they’re caught in large quantities, and even then it’s possible to catch them and not harm anyone.

The CDC recommends that people only eat fish that have been tested and confirmed safe by the FDA.

However, there’s no specific rule about what the FDA tests for when determining whether a fish is poisonous.