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title This article is an adaptation of an article originally published by Kotaku, and we’re using it as a basis for an upcoming story.

article text title If you want to write about things you don’t understand, you can do so by making jokes.

article content title The best way to make jokes is to not understand them.

article source Reddit title This is a story from a user who had to write an article for this subreddit to be featured.

article url link title The first thing to understand about Reddit: It’s a subreddit where people can post links to articles.

article description link title It’s not just the best place to share links to news stories.

You can also write an essay about the best way you can explain a joke.

article topic article title You don’t need to know everything about Reddit to be a great user.

article article title If there are stories you know you’re going to like, but you don, you should probably check out a subreddit like this.

article link title This story was originally published on Kotaku.

It’s based on an interview with a Redditor who said he didn’t want to have to write a story about a game that doesn’t exist.

article image link title These images were originally published in an article published by BuzzFeed.