The Dolphins’ biggest trade deadline moves: Can Dolphins get a deal done?

Can the Miami Dolphins make a trade that could help them win this year?

That depends on who you ask.

The Dolphins’ top three needs are defense, special teams and the quarterback position.

They could make some deals, but it’s unlikely that they’ll get them.

Here are some of the moves that could make sense for Miami:The Dolphins already are in the market for a veteran quarterback, as they could use an upgrade.

The Dolphins are not expected to give the top free agent a long-term contract, but a trade could help the team get that done.

A.J. McCarron could be a good fit.

Miami would like to get rid of a veteran backup to Ryan Tannehill and it has the opportunity to do so if it acquires a quarterback of McCarrons caliber.

The Panthers have interest in McCarrones services, as he has been linked to a trade in recent weeks.

They also have a need at cornerback, which could help with the trade.

Miami could also look at trading for an offensive lineman.

The Panthers have the potential to improve at that position, as well as in the pass rush.

A deal with the Saints could also be beneficial.

Miami could use some help at cornerback if the Saints want to get better at the position.

The Saints have had some success with trades this offseason, including trading for cornerback Delvin Breaux and safety Jairus Byrd, and the Dolphins would love to land a player who could help their defense.

The Broncos are also in the mix, but the deal could fall through.

Denver needs help at quarterback and wide receiver, so it’s not likely the Dolphins will land a quarterback to help that situation.

However, the Dolphins could look at another option: the Eagles.

The Eagles are in need of a quarterback, and Miami is not going to make a big splash to land one, even if it’s a quarterback.

The Bills are also interested, but they’re unlikely to do anything to land the quarterback they’re looking for, which is why they’ll probably look at the free agent market and try to acquire another veteran.

A possible trade involving the Saints and Dolphins would be an interesting one for Miami.

The deal could help improve the Dolphins’ defense and help them get to the postseason.

Miami’s defense has been in need for improvement this offseason.

With the addition of McCaron, they’re in need at quarterback.

The defense would be a nice addition to the team, and it would help to get the Dolphins to the playoffs.