What’s next for the U.S. hunt & fishing license

The U.N. has issued an alert saying it may require licenses to be renewed in Florida and Texas, and the United States Food and Drug Administration has warned of increased cases of Zika virus infection in the United Kingdom and Australia.

U.S.-listed companies have been told to suspend sales in Brazil and Argentina, with an alert from the U,N.

Food and Agriculture Organization that the two countries could become hotspots for the virus.

It warned that a recent surge in cases could make the risk of infections greater in the two nations.

The alert came a day after a U.K. health official said the country could see more than 10,000 new cases of the Zika virus within the next few weeks, and said there was concern that the virus could spread quickly in a country already experiencing an outbreak.

The U.,N.

agency said it was monitoring the situation in the U.,K.

and was advising businesses to avoid travel to the area until further notice.

The Food and Drugs Administration issued a separate alert on Monday that said it would issue an emergency travel warning for people in the Caribbean.

It said the Caribbean islands are particularly vulnerable to Zika because of its location in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and that the risk is high because of the mosquito-borne virus’s ability to persist in the environment.

The agency said the region could become a haven for the spread of the virus as the virus continues to spread.