Trump calls on US military to ‘send all possible military assets’ to Philippines

President Donald Trump said on Sunday that the United States would send all possible U.S. military assets to the Philippines in response to its drug crackdown.

In a televised speech, Trump called for the Philippines to take back its citizens from drug dealers, drug lords and other drug traffickers and said it should also help with a massive anti-drug operation that has seen nearly 100,000 people killed.

Trump said he was sending a message to China, Russia and North Korea, three countries with which the United State has historically engaged in conflicts, but did not elaborate.

He said the United Nations Security Council was “overheated” with “worry” over Duterte’s crackdown.

The Philippine president, who has called drug killings a “war” that “has been going on for years,” has been accused by rights groups and rights groups of using his anti-crime campaign as a way to gain favor with China.

Trump has been in China for more than three weeks, meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.