NRC bans trawlers, nets on N. Carolina coast

A US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries license is under review after a trawler and a fishing boat collided with a boat carrying nets, prompting the agency to ban trawling and other recreational activities on the coast of North Carolina.

The agency has issued a “Red Alert” for all fishing, trawls, and other fishing related activity, according to a statement issued on Monday. 

A fishing boat carrying a net collided with another boat carrying trawles, causing the fishing boat to strike the trawled boat, according a statement by the N.C. Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The two vessels collided, according the NCC, which issued the Red Alert. 

“The collision occurred at approximately 8:20 p.m. on October 12, 2017, near the mouth of the Tuckasee River near the Cape Fear River in the State of North Carolinoes North Carolina coast,” the NRC said in the statement.

“The collision was deemed to be minor and the two vessels are currently resting on the river bottom.” 

The National Oceanography Center (NOCC) on Monday said the NCA had issued a Red Alert for all recreational fishing, including trawlling, in the waters around the Cape Chasm, a popular fishing destination on the Carolina coast. 

The NCA said the Capechasm was not being used to fish or other commercial activities and was being used as a recreational fishing spot, where anglers can fish, tackle, and take photographs.

The NCA’s Red Alert was in response to a request from the National Marine Fisheries Service, which has a National Marine Sanctuary in the Cape. 

On Saturday, the NMC announced the formation of a special task force to work with the NNCF to implement a fishing ban in the Tug Tug and Tugboat Areas of the Cape Chimney. 

Tug Tugs are used by the fishing industry to transport bait and gear, and are also used to transport the nets and gear for trawlings.

The Cape Chimneys, located in the state’s Cape Chinchilla National Wildlife Refuge, are home to many species of fish, including the endangered red-tail, which are not commercially available.