How to avoid a fish market on the city’s south coast

It’s a long way from the city centre, but the area where a fish stall once stood in Blanchardstown is still a popular place for people to come and buy and eat.

It’s the main artery for the local fishing industry and one of the most popular places for locals to meet people for a pint.

The fish market is one of those that has stayed open for decades.

But the owners of the stall, a family-run business, have closed their stall and the surrounding land has been converted into a fish and chip shop, which is run by a small family.

We’re just looking for the money The stall is a family business that is run entirely by its sons and daughters, said Mr Michael Kelly, the owner.

“The shop has been open for 15 years, we don’t have any staff.

The kids are doing the cooking, we have to be the cook.

They just don’t want to work,” he said.

“We are just looking to the money and the family that runs it.

I think that’s the biggest thing in life. “

It was all about family and community.

I think that’s the biggest thing in life.

We just want to keep it going.”

The family business started selling fish at the Blanchardson Fish Market in 2003 and has grown from there.

It now has about 15 stallholders, he said, adding that some people go to buy some fish for themselves or bring their family.

It is also the only stall in Blancardson that sells seafood to the public.

The stall sells about 30,000 fish a year, Mr Kelly said.

It also has about 20 fish-sellers who buy the fish, and sell them to customers for the market, he added.

The family shop is located on a former industrial estate and is managed by Mr Kelly and his wife.

It has four generations in the family, he explained.

They are all employed and have all the money in the world, he revealed.

The market is closed for the summer months.

The owner, Mr Thomas Kelly, said he has always enjoyed coming here, but he has recently decided to close the stall.

The store was also closed during the summer and the fish sale is still being organised.

The local council said it had spoken to the family and is working to find a way forward.

It said it was still in the process of contacting the family to find out if they wanted to continue to run the stall or not.

It added it was investigating whether to put it up for sale again.

Mr Kelly also said it is not the first time the family has been involved in the market.

“This was a family operation and we have been involved with the market for quite a while now,” he explained, adding the stall is one that has continued to operate in Blanchestown.

The council said the stall will remain closed for two weeks while it is investigated.

It did not comment further on the situation.

The community has rallied around the stall Mr Kelly is now considering selling the stall and he said the community was really upset by the decision.

“There was a lot of anger and hurt, the community really wanted us to stay in Blanchesons Fish Market,” he added, adding there had been some concerns raised about the stall’s owners.