Why fish cliparts are ‘just’ the way it is

Fish cliparts can be a bit messy to take to your next event, so why not try something a little more ‘tamper-proof’?

The latest crop of fish clip art is a new breed of fish art that have been popping up around the internet recently, and they’re so popular that some artists have started selling them as a way of getting around copyright restrictions.

It’s not clear if the clipart style is entirely new to Australia, but it is an interesting change of pace to the artform, and the latest batch of fish clips, made by Australian artist Matt Lee, has already sold out on his website.

The latest batch have a clear theme of ‘fish’, with a white fish swimming around the artwork, and there are also a lot of red and white fish floating around.

Lee’s clipart has gone viral since it was uploaded to YouTube in early March, and now has more than 6,500 likes.

He has been using his Instagram account to advertise the fish art for quite some time now, and recently posted a picture of the fish clip in action.

In a series of short videos, Lee explained that he made the fish fish art by mixing some acrylic paint and some watercolors, and then adding an additional layer of glue to make the fish swim around.

The result is that the fish look like they’re floating in the water, which makes it a bit more colourful than the typical fish clip artwork.

“I like fish, and I’ve been a huge fan of fish, so I was excited to try something different,” Lee told Mashable Australia.

“The fish are kind of like a fish, but not exactly.”

He explained that they’re more of a “fancy fish” in the way they look, but also that they don’t look like any fish.

The fish are a bit too big, so it’s not obvious where they would end up, but they are floating in water.

The first batch of clips sold out in less than a week, but Lee is selling a new batch, which he plans to offer on eBay for around $25.

He says that he wants the cliparts to be “a little more interesting than the usual fish clip”, so he’s offering them for sale in pairs of four, so you can take one piece and make it yourself.

Lee says that his designs can be used to make fish art, but that he doesn’t think it’s the same thing as making fish art.

“As a fish clip artist, it’s really not something I do.

I just draw it and put it on a piece of paper, and just use it for a project,” Lee said.

“You could just make a bunch of fish pieces and do some other things with them.”

For Lee, it was a way to get around copyright issues.

“It’s the copyright that is a little bit weird.

It seems to be quite difficult to get a work off the copyright register,” Lee explained.

“When I first started out, I made fish, fish, I thought, ‘Oh yeah, this is going to be pretty funny’,” Lee said, adding that he has “no idea why”.

“I’m trying to find out what the copyright is, because I don’t think anyone knows.

It just seems like a weird thing to me.”

The new fish clip arts are selling at a fairly brisk rate, and Lee is looking forward to selling them in the future.

“Maybe if I get some more artists like this, maybe I’ll get a couple more artists to do that for me.”