The ‘Fish Spatula’ is now available on Kickstarter, and it looks a lot more like the real thing

Now, that’s a lot better.

The Fish Spatulas are designed by a company called Aurox.

They have an entire website dedicated to the product.

And on their Kickstarter page, they have a video that shows you the inside of the spud that they are using to make it.

The spud has been custom-made and comes with all of the ingredients that you need to make this spud.

The video shows off how they made a whole new spud to make the Spatulas.

This spud looks pretty good, and you can actually hold it with your hand and look at the shape.

It’s a very sturdy, comfortable, durable, and easy to use item that will last a lifetime.

It comes with a few more parts, too.

The first part of the Spud is a plastic tray that holds the ingredients and the spuds.

The second part is a metal bowl that holds some of the condiments that you’ll want to use to make your fish spuds, such as vinegar, vinegar, ketchup, chili sauce, chili powder, and more.

The third part of your spud is the handle, which has a handle on the end that will make it easy to eat.

It also has a hole in the middle that allows you to store your fish in the bowl.

They also added a little extra room in the back, which helps keep it clean.

It can be used for both cooking and slicing.

You can choose from different cuts of fish and have them either cooked and served or sliced.

The Spud also comes with two different types of spud, which can be stored in a container or in a glass jar.

They even include a plastic pouch that can be placed on top of the container to keep the condiment container from flying around and leaking.

And, of course, there’s the spad.

This is where you put the condensers, kombucha, kabobs, and other condiments.

They added a few extra items to the spuddles to make sure they would last for a lifetime and are easy to clean.

The catch here is that there’s not a lot of options available right now.

They only have three varieties of fish to choose from, so you’ll have to do a lot to get the fish you want.

That being said, if you want to buy one, the price is going to be very reasonable.

You will have to fork over $75 for the Spuds, $85 for the Bowl, and $140 for the Handle.

There’s also an option to get two Spuds for $70.

They are also offering a $100 upgrade to the Bowl for $140.

That’s a pretty big upgrade from the $35 upgrade you can get for the bowls.

The bowl itself is made of stainless steel.

The handle is also made of the same material.

You don’t need to worry about getting it cleaned every time you eat it, either.

The packaging looks great, too, and is sturdy enough to hold all of your condiments and spuds while you cook.

The only downside of the bowl is that you can only get two colors of the fish.

There is also a third option, but that comes with the Sputula only.

That spud can be colored, and they have several options.

The color of the second spud will depend on what you’re cooking, but it’s not too different from the third option.

The price is still pretty good too.

It costs $85, which is around $20 less than the bowls price.

And they are offering a free upgrade to those bowls for a year if you purchase three bowls.

You’ll get the bowls for free, but you’ll also get two more bowls.

It will cost $180 to upgrade from your bowls to the Sputtulas.

If you’re looking to get a little more fish in your diet, there is a $50 option.

If the bowl option is your thing, you can choose between two varieties of the two fish that you want: a green one that has been dyed with the same color as the fish that they’re making and a yellow one that’s actually a bit more expensive.

There are also other options for those that want to have their own spuds for their own use.

There also are three different types and sizes of the bowls you can buy, too: a standard bowl that comes in two colors, and a fancy bowl that has a bowl and a bowl that is also special.

The fancy bowl comes with five different condiments to use.

You also get a bag that holds everything that you will use for the fish spud bowls.

These are all different types that will vary in price.

For example, if they’re selling a red bowl, the fancy bowl might be $130.

But if you buy three bowls, they might sell you a fancy white bowl for $180.

That might sound like