Texas fishing license suspended due to allegations of sexual abuse

A Texas fishing line that has been tied to at least three allegations of child sexual abuse has been suspended for life, according to the Texas Department of Transportation.

The Texas Department for Wildlife, Parks and Tourism announced Friday that it has suspended the Texas fishing rod line following an investigation into the allegations of abuse by a fishing line employee, according the statement from DPS.

The suspension comes after the agency confirmed that it conducted a formal investigation into allegations of inappropriate touching by a fisherman who worked for a contractor in Brazoria County, Texas.

The investigation was launched following a complaint filed by the contractor’s subcontractor in Texas in December.

In addition to the allegations against the employee, DPS has also learned that the contractor had a second contractor, who has not been named, who also was involved in the allegations, the statement said.

The agency said the suspended fishing line is part of a program it has been testing for years to detect and correct improper handling of fish.

DPS officials said they will not beifying the owner of the line of the suspension.

The suspension is effective immediately.

The suspended fishing rod was used by the fisherman in the Brazoria incident, but it was not clear whether he used it on other children.

A DPS spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In Texas, a fisherman can be fined up to $500 for every child who was harmed by a line that was improperly used.

The law states that any child who is hurt by a fish line must be notified of the circumstances of the incident and be provided with a copy of the police report.