Pollock fish tattoo sparks controversy in Malaysia

KITV/AFP/Getty Images A tattoo of a mackerelfish on a human body is causing a backlash in Malaysia, after the animal was named as the country’s best-selling fish.KITV reports that the mackerellfish is known for its beauty and was the target of a number of online memes.

One user posted the tattoo of the mackelle on the chest of his mother, who is known to enjoy fish as a delicacy.

The tattoo was removed and replaced with a picture of a goldfish.

A statement posted on the website of a Malaysian company said the tattoo “will not be accepted”.

“In the past, we have also tattooed fish on our bodies,” it said.

“But the tattoos are not a sign of a person’s personality or of a relationship.

We believe it is a personal decision.”

The country’s Tourism Minister, Datuk Seri Syahrizak Ahmad, said he hoped the tattoo would not cause offence.

“I’m sure the tattoos will not cause any offence to the public.

They are not related to our culture,” he said.

The artist behind the tattoo, Faktas Tala, has also defended his work.

“There is no need to be offended.

There is nothing wrong with a human being and a human heart,” he told the BBC.”

It is just a sign to show the love of a human.”

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